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king iv

The King III/IV report and IT

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Business will recall that the King Commission was set up for improving business ethics in South Africa, especially listed companies on the JSE, in establishing Corporate Governance principles in line with the Companies Act no 71 of 2008. Since the first King report, subsequent reports were developed as guidelines for businesses to improve their financial statements, business ethics and operations. KING III is the latest King report and dealt specifically with In...
pmbok prince

PMBOK or Prince 2

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Since the mid 1980’s, organizations began to require project managers to be certified or trained as project managers (PM) realising that project management requires a definite set of skills and techniques. This need of certification also resulted in a need for “guidelines and bodies of knowledge (e.g., PMBOK, APMBOK), which addressed some methodology but did not address every industry and type of methodology” (Charvat, J. 2003). Organizations embarking on project...
knowledge management

Holistic Approach to Knowledge Management

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There are different approaches in managing knowledge.  This article will look at one of the approaches, namely a holistic approach. A holistic approach to Knowledge Management (KM) is beneficial as it helps organizations to utilize the best of both worlds regarding the two main approaches to KM – a personalisation approach and a technology-centric approach.

Web Design Principles

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It will be difficult to present an "ultimate best principles" in any point of time due to the rapid development of web designs, Contnet Management Sytems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and others, but also due to the changing behaviour of people interacting with web sites.  Having said that, some of the "old" research is still applicable and useful in design web pages, or is it?.

Things to do after installing Fedora

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Fedora 28 was recently released.  We've been playing around with various Linux distributions over the past 15 years, like Limux Mint, Ubuntu, PC Linux, OpenSuSe etc.  We've decided to stick with Fedora and have seen the changes from Fedora 7 or 8 - so long ago, not even sure exactly where we started. After each fresh install, we do some personalized changes.  Off course, you're choices might be different, but here are some ideas to check out.