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Web Services

We have a range of web services and support options which we provide to our customers.

Domain Registration

Business can barely be competitive in today's digital age if they do not have a web presence. We have seen many prospected clients of businesses, especially from the younger generation (the so called milleniums) going to a company's web site before engaging with them. Not only show case a web presence your company but also gives an idea to prospecting clients of the products and service offering.

We will assist our customers to register their company's domain name.


Web site design

We engage our customers to build a web site using either Joomla or Wordpress Content Management Systems (CMS). The advantages of using a CMS is that our customers can update their sites more frequently without having to employ a web developer or being dependent on a web developer to update the web site.


Hosting & Support

We partnered with an excellent web hosting partner to provide our customers with a secure and always available hosting solution at a very competitive price.

Despite the easy and relative inexpensive registration of a domain name, many small and medium businesses still opt to use a Gmail email account. It is our experience that prospective clients don't take a business serious if it still uses a Gmail account. We therefore strongly advise on registering a domain name for our customers.

When our customers register a domain name through us, we will assist them in setting up their mailboxes and desktop application to download their emails.

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Your Benefits

Internet Services
  • Web presence of your company
  • Easy update of your web site with latest news and updates
  • Personalised email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Save on the hassle of "self-hosting", bandwidth and availability

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